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Browne – Commercial Brazier with Cover – Stainless Steel



      • Stainless steel construction
      • 4mm-thick Tri-Ply base for better heat distribution
      • NSF Approved
      • Cover assists in self-basting during cooking
      • Extra-wide riveted handles work with oven mitts
      • Includes cover


Brand Browne Models 5734014; 5734019 Series Elements Type Brazier
Model Dimensions (Dia. x H)
5734014 14.2" x 5.7"
5734019 15.7" x 6.1"

Winco – Commercial Stock Pot – Aluminum



      • 3003 aluminum construction ensures excellent heat distribution
      • NSF Listed
      • Riveted handles provide extra strength
      • 4mm (3/16") thickness
      • Designed to be handwashed
      • Available in 5 capacities: 8.5-, 16-, 20-, 32-, and 40-quart


Brand Winco Series Super Aluminum Material Aluminum
Model Capacity
ALST-8 8.5 Quarts
ALST-16 16 Quarts
ALST-20 20 Quarts
ALST-32 32 Quarts
ALST-40 40 Quarts

Browne – Commercial Stock Pot with Cover – Stainless Steel


A commercial stainless steel stock pot at a value-driven price-point

These Browne stock pots are part of their "Elements" collection which is their entry-level series of stainless steel cookware for professional kitchens, and can be used for cooking, boiling, and steaming a number of different dishes. These stock pots have a 4mm "Tri-Ply" base for even heating and can be used on an induction cooktop. The hollow, cool-touch handles reduce heat build up in the handles, and the dome cover allows for self-basting when cooking. The handles are all riveted, including for the cover, which provides extra durability and longevity without the handles loosening over time. The extra wide loop handle allows for easy pickup when using oven mitts. What makes this "Tri-Ply"? This is Browne's trademarked name for a stainless steel cooking surface that provides superior cooking performance: the outer layer is stainless steel, which is induction-ready and easy to clean. The mid-layer is aluminum which transfers heat evenly on both sides, and then the cooking surface is stainless steel. These three layers of metal seamlessly bonded together provide superior thermal conductivity and even heating.
      • Commercial cooking pot perfect for cooking, boiling, and steaming a variety food: vegetables, soups, chili, pasta, and more
      • 4mm Tri-Ply base allows for even heat distribution
      • Hollow, cool-touch handles reduce heat build up
      • Dome cover facilitates self-basting when cooking
      • Riveted handles for extra durability and longevity, including on the cover
      • Cover is included
      • Compatible with induction, gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, and can be used in an oven
      • NSF sanitation approved for commercial use in Canada


Brand Browne Type Stock Pot Material Stainless Steel
Item Capacity Dim (WH)
5733908 8 qt. 9.4" x 6.5" (24 x 16.5 cm)
5733912 12 qt. 11" x 7.3" (28 x 18.5 cm)
5733916 16 qt. 11" x 10" (28 x 25.5 cm)
5733920 20 qt. 11.8" x 10.4" (30 x 26.5 cm)
5733924 24 qt. 13.4" x 10.6" (34 x 27 cm)
5733932 32 qt. 14.2" x 12.2" (36 x 31 cm)
5733940 40 qt. 15.7" x 12.2" (40 x 31 cm)
5733960 60 qt. 17.7" x 14.4" (45 x 36.5 cm)